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Our Educator Team

We believe in working together! Our passionate and determined Educator Team encourages and supports children’s individual needs to learn and participate at their own pace through positive interaction and communication.

Our Educators have passion and drive in the Education and Care Industry to support their on-going professional growth. We consider ourselves as professional, who are keen to learn and grow and who seek opportunities for continuous improvement.  

We provide appropriate learning experiences while embracing the value of play is at the heart of Crookwell Early Learning. It isn’t what a child plays that is important – it is how they play and what they think and feel at the time that matters. All children’s experience are recognised and valued. Cultural diversity is a significantly consideration in the development of programs, with emphasis on children’s social, emotional, creative, intellectual and physical development.

At Crookwell Early Learning we encourage parental input and value speaking with families regarding their needs and interests.

Not only is it important for us to foster effective communication with families but through valuing a child’s language, interaction styles and ways of communicating we are able to promote feelings of belonging and assurance.

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